EP Review: Lizzie Reid – Cubicle

Lizzie Reid’s EP, Cubicle, is singer-songwriter at its finest. Her voice is extraordinary — she has a natural ability to sing every note and hymn with grit and purpose, exuding vulnerability and warmth at every turn. Listening along is like being in the same room as Reid; and with live shows being nonexistent these days, feeling like you’re part of an intimate performance is a special, nostalgic treat. 

The EP starts off acoustically with ‘Tribute’, where Reid’s voice flutters effortlessly through this stunning melody. The song seems to be a tribute to a relationship that has sadly run its course. We can speculate that although Reid feels an obvious hurt, she is grateful for the time spent with this person, albeit brief.

‘Always Lovely’ is another intimate and relatable piece, this time about the difficulty in achieving a perfect sense of self-worth. In every song, Reid’s voice is immensely captivating as she sings about elements of deep importance and relativity to her. Reid picks up the tempo with a full band in the flirtatious ‘Been Thinking About You’, and ends the EP on a high with ‘Cubicle’. Melodically reminiscent of something off a Ben Howard album, the track takes a more alternative route — a very pleasant surprise. 

While Cubicle is a collection of just 6 songs, Reid offers enough range to enchant us. Each song is composed with great tenderness and compassion for herself, and her voice is exquisite and controlled, yet perfectly fragile. Lizzie Reid is an exciting upcoming artist to look out for, and one we can be certain will not waiver when it comes to authenticity and soul. 

Julia Kwan


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