EP Review: Khruangbin & Leon Bridges – Texas Sun

In what must be the smoothest collaboration since the adding of chocolate to milk, silk-pedalling psych-funk trio Khruangbin have teamed up with sultry vocalist Leon Bridges to create Texas Sun. The partnership between the two Texas-borne artists comprises of four-track new tracks and promises subtle, suave tones which are delivered immediately through opening track ‘Texas Sun’.

The title-track’s introductory acoustic guitar is vintage Bridges and it is a mere few bars before the unmistakable reverb-laden sound of Khruangbin joins the party. It is, as the cover art suggests, summer road-trip music. Put it on and ride off into the sunset.

Unfortunately, whilst enjoyable, the other tracks lack the killer ingredient of either contributor. The raw emotion of Bridges’ solo work is missing, almost washed out by the free-flowing vibe of Khruangbin, whereas the more ambient nature of Khruangbin’s sound is forced into more of a structure by Bridges’ lyrics. The result is not difficult to listen to, in fact if anything it is too easy going, but with a miniscule 20-minute runtime, the EP is almost too slick, slipping away before you have had a chance to get your teeth into it.

Oddly, here less is not necessarily more – perhaps a longer record would have given the collaboration longer to gestate and create a more cohesive sound. There are glimpses of what could have but, unfortunately, hasn’t come to fruition.

James Beck


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