EP Review: Jackie Cohen – Tacoma Night Terror Part 1: I’ve Got The Blues

There’s an immediate edginess in the soulful melodies of Spacebomb’s new artist Jackie Cohen. From the very beginning of her debut EP Tacoma Night Terror Part 1: I’ve Got The Blues, her captivating vocals hook listeners in to the music.

The blend of instruments complement the overall catchiness of the first track Ladies Man but Jackie’s strong vocals are a clear overpowering factor in her indie folk-rock tunes. The rhythm, tempo and vocal melody on this track combine to form a familiar song structure that reminds listeners of a Grease soundtrack vibe. Jackie further creates a classic oldies rock spirit with entertaining and clever harmonies. Another clever production idea on this song is the seven-second pause after she sings the phrase “Have I always been a dream?” This brief rest period of the song displays an attempt at escaping into the dream she’s singing about.

On the second song Maddy, the sound jumps into a mellow, Fleetwood Mac eighties vibe, which works beautifully with her Stevie Nicks vocal resemblance. The quiet, low energy and intriguing vocals inject strong songwriting power into the vibe. The final minute of this song is a truly special moment on the record as her powerhouse belting segues into an upbeat Hawaiian/salsa style jam.

Darlin’ – track three – represents a dark rock, mellow jam that sheds its gray colors through a strong, rocking drumbeat. Another strong addition to the vibes of the song is a change in Cohen’s vocal style. Her ability to improvise and modulate to different sounds and styles is an impressive first impression of a new artist. The final song Bold is her acoustic, intimate vibe of her first release. Soothing electric guitar layers immediately backs the acoustic chords, which contributes to the peaceful attitude of the song. The unique minor tones in the melody make the song very listenable even though the energy isn’t as upbeat as previous songs on the record.

This debut, extended-play release from Jackie Cohen has opened up many possible and different directions for her future long plays. Each song on the record represents a different genre direction for this growing and adapting new singer/songwriter. We’re excited to see her mixed genres and styles transform into a signature Jackie Cohen sound.

Scott J. Herman


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