EP Review: Izzie Walsh – Ideals

Izzie Walsh’s EP “Ideals” presents five songs which get your feet tapping and longing to be back in rooms, listening to live music. It could be difficult to present a theme across five songs, especially ones which are quite varied in style, but these songs flow well and tell stories of what is and what could be. Not necessarily dissatisfaction with the world, just wanting it to be more of what you want and doing the things you love.

Lead single ‘San Francisco (or anywhere)’ immediately pulls you into a story of someone dreaming of what could be. With rich instrumental backing, Walsh’s vocals are powerful throughout and complement the layered instrumentation.

‘Blue Collar Coastline’ demonstrates the American influence, as does ‘Elevator Pitch’, both of which are more common terms across the pond. Both songs explore class and capitalism and speak to wanting to break free from the daily grind. “How can I be myself, I work for someone else.” (Elevator Pitch).

However, despite the American influence, Walsh never strays too far from home. ‘Jimmy’, after all, is “a geezer, a real crowd pleaser”. We all know people like that down the pub (I can think of a few in my local!)

‘Haunted’, a tale of personal ghosts and the heartbreak it can lead to, closes out the EP with possibly the best first line of a song I’ve heard in a long time “It was just a Monday morning, but this week felt like a year.”

Walsh’s music has been described as many things, Americana, alt-folk, country, and gothic bluegrass to name a few, but undoubtedly the best descriptor is singer-songwriter. Walsh’s style may be evocative of First Aid Kit and her voice brings shades of Stevie Nicks, but her songs speak to a more personal note, the mix of influences which clearly shape her writing and singing.

Ulrike Gotts


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