EP Review: Isaac Gracie – The Death Of You & I

Short and sweet; Isaac Gracie’s EP The Death Of You & I is a solid release. Isaac Gracie’s sound is polished and his future looks to be full of promise.

Title track The Death Of You & I is a straight up banger – it would not sound out of place in a Quentin Tarentino soundtrack, praise indeed considering this was almost certainly what Gracie’s intention was when creating this epic western-inspired piece. It’s fun and catchy and has already been promoted heavily on Radio 1’s Clara Amfo’s show – if that doesn’t make it a dead cert for commercial success I’m not sure what does.

The best thing about the EP is that this leading track will in no way be a one hit wonder. It is true that the other three tracks are not as immediately easy on the ear as The Death Of You & I – yet this only makes them more lovable.

Throughout Silhouettes Of You, the second song on the EP, Gracie simultaneously channels a Conor Oberst and Conor O’Brien vibe. It is a beautiful ballad with a big sound. By the third track, Gracie’s sound has developed and his own identity begins to shine through. One Night has depth and while Gracie’s style might not be mind-blowingly unique, it is a really entertaining song with the potential to become almost anthemic.

The final track on the album, Love (Ain’t Always So Good), is probably the highlight of the entire piece. Isaac Gracie’s voice is rich yet delicate, the music soft and intricate. Unlike the title track of the album, there are no big gimmicks to lift the profile of this song, there is no big production. Instead, the music is pure, it is simple indie-folk. Love (Ain’t Always So Good) is a triumph, the listener finds themselves thinking it was over too soon and feels hungry for more.

Good luck Isaac Gracie, I predict good things.

Jessica Newsome


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