EP Review: Daniel Emond – Kill The Whale

On November 30th 2017, last year, Daniel Emond released the debut EP for his concept album in development, Kill The Whale. On the heels of the release of his EP came his music video for his key track, The Whale, just over a week later, on December 8th. Unfortunately for me, I only discovered this particular body of work recently, but felt the need to spread the word.

As I understand it, Kill the Whale is a musical-ized odyssey through the waters of Melville’s ‘Moby Dick’, in which Daniel realizes the different characters from the book as distinct musical voices in his complicated but compelling songs and arrangements. After chatting with Daniel, it’s clear that his broad plan for the project is to release a 2 disc concept album on vinyl as a work of sonic and visual art, and follow it up with a musical film, that would be similar in style to his first music video for The Whale. He is also working on a live musical adaptation for his piece.

Kill The Whale, Daniel’s 3-track EP debuts the music from the full concept album as three singles. The first single is The Whale, a rock song, sung by Ishmael, the narrator of the journey. The second, The Ramadan, is a racially-charged hip hop song featuring Wayne Bennett. The song stirs up the trials of living and whaling in America as a second-class citizen. Finally is The Squall, featuring Jessie Shelton. Daniel describes the track, as an attempt to create an acoustic version of a Led Zeppelin sound, using a string section as his central ingredient.

Head over to Daniel Emond’s Spotify page and introduce yourself to the Whale! You won’t regret it.

Jake Krickhan


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