EP Review: Chloe Foy – Are We There Yet

This week, the exceptional talent that is Chloe Foy is set to release her new EP, Are We There Yet. Chloe has been on our radar for some time now, having caught her live in a couple of Manchester’s bars and pubs, before she joined our TFFT Live lineups on several occasions, supporting the likes of Cory Chisel in 2012. In more recent years, she’s headed out on tour with the The Travelling Band, Aldous Harding and Jesca Hoop, and perfected her already stunning vocals and songwriting.

The new EP begins with the title-track Are We There Yet – a nod to overcoming some pretty stressful moments, something we can all relate to. Her voice in this track builds from soft and light to euphoric swoops and swirls, hitting some gorgeous notes and echoing the beautiful textures of strings, piano and guitar that build and fall with accompanying backing vocals. It’s a stunner of an opening track and has the listener begging for more.

Chloe has a real knack for portraying her emotions throughout her songwriting, including some pretty deep and dark moments, particularly evident in the short but punchy Fire And Flood. The addition of low and brooding male vocals give this track another dimension, providing an almost haunting quality and reminding us of early Laura Marling releases such as Ghosts and Night Terror. Much like her fellow songwriter, Chloe Foy has a wonderful talent of being able to draw immense feeling from a single poetic line.

Her vocals once again become the highlight of the EP in the form of Henry, with just a guitar and carefully arranged harmonies for company, whilst recent single Flaws is quite possibly our favourite on the EP. Opening with ghostly, lightly-plucked guitar, Foy’s voice suddenly breaks through, harmonising gracefully with seductive backing vocals and ducking and diving strings, before bursting into a bewitching crescendo. If we were to pick a flaw in Flaws, it would be that it comes to an end too soon, as we yearn for a few more minutes of those exceptional melodies.

The EP comes to a close through Song For D. It’s emotional, heartfelt, and clearly a story close to her heart. The piano that chaperons Foy’s passionate vocals is exquisite, whilst the ooh’s and aah’s from the backing vocals surge to another stunning climax. It’s another beauty and very much sums up this well-crafted, delicate and enchanting five-track EP. Here’s hoping for a full record in the not too distant future, as going off this, it’s sure to be a belter.

Dom Kay




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