EP Review: Bear’s Den – Only Son of the Falling Snow

Intriguing and beautiful piano intros, mesmerising harmonies, acoustic guitar tones to die for, festive themes that we can all relate to… this EP has it all. This is one of those records that only takes one listen to love it.

The title track ‘Only Son of the Falling Snow’ instantly evokes a memory jerk. Though the memories mentioned in the lyrics are very specific, they are also very relatable creating a strong nostalgic feel from the off. The horn section adds a familiar warmth throughout the whole EP and piano parts are reminiscent of old Christian hymns. Angelic harmonies reflect religious themes and the 3 tracks together as a whole are so consistent in vibe that the EP becomes a festive, soul-warming experience.

Winter is well and truly encapsulated in this beautiful trio of songs; it’s an intimate take on a symbolic time of year that means so many different things to so many different people. My advice to anyone this Winter is add it to your festive playlist! It’s definitely too good to miss.

Shannon Pearl


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