Album Review: Vance Joy – Nation Of Two

Vance Joy’s second studio album Nation Of Two is a joyful, uplifting album filled with familiar guitar riffs and comforting vocals. While Vance has made no great leap in style from his Riptide days, the record is a strong second album, the tracks are amiable and the album will likely serve as a good summer soundtrack for many folky fans

Before the release of Nation Of Two, Joy unleashed five of the songs to the world as singles. Arguably these singles are some of the strongest tracks on the album, and fans revelled in the likes of Saturday Sun and Call Me If You Need Me at their release, and momentum and excitement began to grow around the record.

Like Gold is an exciting and impressive tune; a breakup track of the best variety. Reminiscent and realistic, yet positive – Joy delivers a relatable track without being overly dramatic or emotional. It’s slick and easy on the ear, a modest triumph.

Other stand out songs on the album include Lay It On Me, We’re Going Home and Little Boy. With notes of Angus Stone and Boy & Bear, those summer Aussie vibes are consistent throughout Nation Of Two and make the album that bit more appealing.

When Vance Joy released Riptide in 2013, he found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. That one song is an almighty anthem that has only gotten better with age; sadly for Joy, the perfect nature of Riptide has gone on to overshadow the rest of his career. Nation Of Two is a strong album, yet it is neither as ground-breaking or as good as that one sensational single from years gone by.

That said, Vance Joy could never be accused of being a one hit wonder – he has delivered another great collection of songs, that will be enjoyed by new and old fans alike.

Jessica Newsome


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