Album Review: Valerie June – The Order Of Time

I was introduced to Valerie June a few years ago at the AfroPunk fest in Brooklyn and was captivated from the get go. A lady with awesome hair, the twangiest southern drawl, and a simplistic approach to music that is rare these days. So needless to say I’ve been waiting for her new album for quite some time. And now it’s here…The Order Of Time.

From her Tennessee roots and church singing days, the opening track, Long Lonely Road, is basically an invitation to listen to Ms. June tell her story. A peaceful opening as if we were all around the campfire. Starting a cappella on the next track, Love Once You Made, we end up with a bluesy beat and a confession. Shake Down is a hand clapping good time song with some great guitar in it, whilst my favorite track, amongst many fantastic tunes, is Astral Plane – just a beautiful song with a great message. Another stand out among so many great and true songs, is the painful Slip Side On By.

Valerie’s rootsy follow up to her Pushin’ Against A Stone album comes to a close with a fun track called Got Soul. It really sums her up as an artist. She is expressing her thoughts and her life and her dreams and we are witnessing it each time she opens her mouth to sing.

I’m a big fan of Valerie June and this album surely shines bright. She’s not brand new but her music seems so new and I love that. Check it out, clap your hands, feel something new. Listen to the lyrics, dream, and dance.

Jake Krickhan


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