Album Review: Tiny Ruins & Hamish Kilgour – Hurtling Through



An exciting collaboration for fans of Tiny Ruins (Hollie Fullbrook) and New Zealander Hamish Kilgour, Hurtling Through is a raw and fragile EP with a beautiful concept at its core and the strength of two reputable folk artists to drive it.

All but two songs on the release are written by Fullbrook herself. Lyrics from Tread Softly, which tenderly opens the record, are taken from W.B. Yeats’ poem ‘‘Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven’ and Wandering Aengus also owes credit to Yeats’ ‘The Song of Wandering Aengus’. Although the poetry of the latter is somewhat lost, Tread Softly manages to delicately embrace the beauty of Yeats in a dreamy haze without succumbing to dreariness.

Title track Hurtling Through is driven by a steady percussive thud from Kilgour which is followed by the sleepy sway of Turn Around, and interrupted by a guest appearance from Greg Vegas in an eclectic saxophone break that doesn’t feel entirely at home with the overall aesthetic of the record.

Similarly, Public Menace, a late-night field recording through Brooklyn, while adding to a soundscape of escapism, seems a little indulgent – perhaps unnecessary – however the organic, melancholy trickle of Kings County salvages an otherwise intelligent and gently crafted collaboration.

Kerry Manning



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