Album Review: Tim Hart – The Narrow Corner

Descending from the Australian folk-rock band Boy & Bear, Tim Hart steps out of the super rustic, folky box this time around with his sophomore release The Narrow Corner – a rewarding album with pensive lyrics, transporting melodies, and a few pockets of surprise that add a playfulness to a record that’s candidly a bit solemn.

The Narrow Corner is a uniquely fluid album that’s anything but a bunch of boring, sleepy acoustic songs. It’s evident that a lot of care, thought, and attention to detail has gone into the record, evoking an authenticity that will surely be appreciated by listeners.

I’d Do Well, a nostalgic song about the simplicity of life at home, far away from the fast-paced tempo of touring, sets the tone thematically for this album that delves into self-reflection, good and bad. A Long Way is so stylistically intriguing; the banjo, together with clean synth sounds, form a friendly clash of traditional folk and 80s flavor, not to mention the chorus is way catchy. The Cutting Line, Maybe Just the Once, and All in All are glowing examples of tender, heartfelt folk songs.

The more danceable Stone’s Throw is another song with a retro 80s touch, whilst Just A Matter of Time is reminiscent of classic Boy And Bear feel-good folk pop. A song that really stands out is Water-Fire, which seems to blend folk, rock, soul and pop – a mix so distinct that it hints at Seal. The album ends with Cool Water, a minimal, gorgeous song with a gripping melody.

The Narrow Corner is an honest, introspective project by Tim Hart, who will hopefully continue to create as an independent artist. If the drummers of our favorite bands are all this good on their own, we’re surely missing out!

Julia Kwan


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