Album Review: This Is The Kit – Moonshine Freeze

After a breakthrough record with Bashed Out in 2015, Kate Stables and her band This is The Kit are back with another exciting full length record Moonshine Freeze. The album begins with a soft, mellow drumbeat to set the mood for Stables’ calming and warm vocals of her hushed and tranquil banjo plucking. Bullet Proof stands out as a stellar opening song as it paves the warm, gentle attitude of the overall band energy for the entire album.

Track two, Hotter Colder, is a very special, louder and more upbeat This Is The Kit song and stands out as my absolute favorite on this record. With a guitar progression and smooth rocking drumbeat, the music has the recipe for any sunny day road trip vibe. The oooing and do do doo’s in the chorus of the song are a signature This Is The Kit sound and adds a tremendous amount of upbeat positivity. The subtle studio effects also provide an exciting listen when you pay attention to the minor details hidden in your earphones.

Easy On The Thieves, track four is almost entirely a solo song with only Stables vocals and banjo melodies driving the pulse of the song. The harmonies in the chorus add energy and excitement to the tune which grooves along like waves in the ocean. Another stand out track on the album is All Written Out In Numbers. The music and lyrics could not be any simpler, and Kate’s emotions are definitely there, creating the “simplicity and emotion” recipe for a brilliant and enjoyable song. Stables sings “new water was slow trickling” and the guitar track on this song then echo’s water slowly trickling with an eerie guitar riff.

Track six, Empty No Teeth, is another stand out song with its upbeat, traveling vibe momentum. The recurring banjo riff provides a mysterious and exciting progression that begs the listeners ears. Where is the song leading? The bold, and heavy toned guitar riff is a perfect complement to the banjo part and the two sounds together help keep a steady and upbeat, rocking groove.

Two Pence Piece begins with an intriguing drum track beat, which is followed by the electric guitar progression and shortly after some ooo-ooo’s. Towards the last minute of the song, the saxophone part adds a great amount of color and energy to the ending vibes of the song. The final track Solid Grease provides the slow down, late night wind down vibes. The song begins with a beautiful a capella vocal riff and the melody gets heavier and dreamier for the chorus. With an up and down ride of upbeat and chill moments, Moonshine Freeze presents another batch of catchy and memorable This Is The Kit songs. Most of the songs are some of my favorites in the entire This Is The Kit catalog and some of them are still growing on me, but this record is sure to be a contender for Thank Folk For That’s top albums of 2017.

Scott J. Herman


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