Album Review: The Wood Brothers – One Drop Of Truth

One Drop Of Truth is the sixth studio album from The Wood Brothers. They call it their most free, independent and most ‘them’ of all of their previous records.

River Takes The Town opens the album as a nice, breezy and laid back country-folk tune about the seriousness of hurricane floods. The next track, Happiness Jones, takes on our society’s supposed addiction to happiness. It’s fun, funky and makes me happy!

This band has always impressed me with their musicianship and genre-crossing skill. They serve up some good ol’ fashioned blues with Laughin’ Or Cryin. The guys know how to have a good time but they are also great story-tellers and that is super apparent on the incredible Strange As It Seems.

There is no need to go track by track through the whole album – it’s all great! Some other stand-out tracks to listen to include: Seasick Emotions, This Is It, and perhaps my favorite, the title track. It’s an inspirational song about living life for you and staying positive and true.

I can’t wait to check out the next live show in my area!

Jake Krickhan