Album Review: The Head And The Heart – Signs Of Light

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The Head And The Heart with their new album Signs Of Light, welcome a new sound and their first record with Warner Bros. They recorded the album while staying in a beach bungalow and simple freedom shines on the album. They have definitely left the Americana folk of their first two albums and have found more production value and a pop rock sound this go round.

The first single All We Ever Knew is a wonderfully catchy pop tune, la la’s and all, with great vocals on some upbeat and also quite melancholy lyrics. Dreamer, with its bright swinging R&B beat tells a great story with the band’s beautiful harmonies, whilst Library Magic displays a very positive and seemingly personal story. Rhythm And Blues is equally beautiful as a strong folk/pop song.

Lead track Signs Of Light is the longest one on this new record. It’s a haunting piano ballad at first and then picks up the pace about half way through, going really deep and shining on a lot of levels.

The Head And The Heart’s more Americana sound of the past may be more preferential, but this is a solid album and through trying new things in the studio, they have shown how they are growing as a band and getting older. It will be exciting to see what’s next.

Jake Krickhan


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