Album Review: The Dead Tongues – Transmigration Blues

From the very first strum of the new record, The Dead Tongues give off a Rolling Stones vibe that transcends listeners into a modern day take on “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”. “Peaceful Ambassador” is an epic start to the truly rocking, third full-length album Transmigration Blues.

“The Glow” keeps the folk spirit rolling on as Ryan Gustafson’s vocals rage with excitement. On the next track, “Deep Water, Strange Wind”, we start to hear more of a Bob Dylan twang in Gustafson’s vocal melodies and emotions, whilst “Déjà Vu” features wailing harmonica solos which carries the tune the whole way through.

On “Bama Boys Circa 2005”, we get a taste of Gustafson’s unique lead guitar fills, that help blend together a carefully-crafted and thought out tune. Track six “Nothingness and Everything” Is the absolute highlight of the album. With a familiar, alternative Americana rock vibe, the song gets its unique power from the inventive and heartfelt soul in Gustafson’s vocal tone and songwriting structure.

“Equinox Receiver” tones down the mood of the album and sets a bonfire sequel vibe. This segues perfectly into the beautiful instrumental track “Song Called Void”. Whether it takes you to a rain forest or the pyramids of Egypt, this song can do your mind and imagination wonders that they’ve never seen before. The album concludes with the gorgeous “Road To Heaven”, which again highlights Gustafson’s brilliant reinvention of a modern day, Bob Dylan-influenced Americana hit.

Scott J. Herman


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