Album Review: The Blue Eyed Bettys – Find My Way Out Soon

The Blue Eyed Bettys are back with a new album of original songs. I became an instant fan of The Bettys when they first emerged on the scene in 2014. Daniel Emond, Sarah Hund, and Ben Mackel began playing music together while performing in a play in Florida, and quickly garnered a following.

Three years later, they are releasing their third album, Find My Way Out Soon. It features an eclectic collection of songs, exploring the narrative of relationships gone wrong; from the excitement of infatuation, to contentedness, to boredom, suspicion, anger, sadness, and finally mustering the hope to begin again. They explore an array of emotions in a multitude of musical styles. With this new album, The Blue Eyed Bettys widen their musical net, filling out their arrangements with instruments not yet heard on any of their albums, including percussion, piano, and tuba, to name a few.

The album kicks off in perfect three part harmony on the super-fun bluegrassy track Kentucky Banshee. The song really showcases Ben’s low baritone and Sarah’s awesome fiddle playing. Things slow down next on the beautiful but tortured song about getting up from being down Johnny. A stand out track comes with Looney Blues. This song features the trio’s beautiful and effervescent harmonies with banjo player Daniel truly showcasing is beautiful voice. Next up, Hey, is sure to be a crowd pleaser in the Bettys’ energetic live shows.

On the longest title on the ten-track album, Roses and Guns (Learn to Make It Worth It), Daniel shines with a little throwback folk soul. On the second to last track, Morning Light, we get to hear Ben’s expert musicianship with not only his lead vocals but his finger-picking on the guitar. The title track closes out the album, and it’s a nice departure from the rest of the album. Find My Way Out Soon is a beautiful a cappella gospel track. This third album from The Blue Eyed Betty’s is their most mature yet. I love that they are exploring different genres and finding ways to showcase their talents over many spectrums of music. I look forward to hearing this new batch of songs live at one of their gigs in the coming year.

Jake Krickhan


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