Album Review: The Avett Brothers – The Gleam III

The Avett Brothers recorded their third installment of ‘The Gleam’ series of projects before the COVID-19 pandemic started, but their themes of quarantine savagery come at a very coincidental time. The release marks a return to their acoustic, simple sounding structure and the result is a highly-listenable accomplishment.

The record begins with ‘Victory’, an acoustic, guitar-plucking heavy, folk-harmonizing track that embodies the exact Avett Brothers sound that fans look for on their favourite songs. Track two then features the classic banjo plucking sound that transcends listeners back to their Emotionalism era.

As a three part album, The Gleam has given Avett Brothers’ fans a taste of all their acoustic and high-energy stomping folk styles. Some may feel that they are growing apart from their early Emotionalism days, but others may argue that the maturation of sound keeps them intrigued for the next album.

The most standout track on the record is ‘Untitled #4’. Set at track six of eight, this song features a chorus of melding banjos and guitars with gorgeous harmonies. While many of the songs on the album have the same acoustic song structure and sound melodically similar, each individual track tells its own story and display a unique reason why The Avett Brothers remain one of the most talked about indie-folk bands in the music industry today.

Scott J. Herman


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