Album Review: Sylvan Esso – Free Love

Whether you’re in your own silent disco, traipsing the NYC streets to the cinematic beats of Sylvan Esso, or raging hard at a live concert (we wish!), the energy produced by the chemistry of Nick Sanborn’s beats and Amelia Meath’s vocals is consistently inspiring and uplifting.

Free Love marks the third album for the electro indie-pop duo, and they are still giving off their magical energy. The album begins with the dreamy What If – a minute and a half meditation that begins as a slow, non-percussive piece which then builds energy in the very final moments of the song. Track two Ring continues the dreamy vibe with hushed melodies and and soft energetic lull.

Train is an upbeat, jolting standout with positive percussive rhythms and electric synths and studio sounds, whilst on Free, the energy winds down back to the mellow, beach bonfire vibe. One of Sylvan Esso’s biggest skills is that they are able to keep their momentum and power consistently ringing through their albums, even if the mood and energy of the songs fluctuate.

Track eight, Runaway, brings listeners back to their feet – jumping, smiling and parading around with utmost joy. This track features gorgeous harmonies towards the end of the song that make this one of the more memorable tracks on the album. Next, on Rooftop Dancing, Sylvan Esso pay tribute to their Brooklyn rooftop dance parties, as listening to the song while strutting around the streets of Brooklyn will surely inspire some cinematic inspiration and transcend you to a place of serene NYC magic.

With Free Love, Sylvan Esso are able to compile their upbeat indie-pop sounds from the first album while also combining elements of a more colorful and studio-produced sound on the second. Fans will definitely keep this record on repeat for some time.

Scott J. Herman


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