Album Review: Swear And Shake – The Sound Of Letting Go

My first introduction to indie folk band Swear And Shake is through this, their second full length album, The Sound Of Letting Go. Having relocated from Brooklyn to Nashville to record, they truly brought out their folk habits to create a great and complex album, revolving around the troubles of forlorn relationship.

Opening with a beautiful string intro to Tear Us Apart, we are treated to a harmony driven and bopping break up track. With vocals by Kari Spieler and Adam McHeffey, each track takes us on a musical journey through a poor relationship – especially on Not For Nothing and Two Years Lost. Featuring a haunting bass line from Shaun Savage on Friendly Fire, we dive deeper into this one sided love story.

Spieler shines on the self-reflective and bluesy Blouses, and with a spotlight on the more positive side of the relationship, the simple and melodic Love Radiating is a standout. It’s great to hear such a fully realized album around one common theme and story. The record closes with the knock out, mid-tempo How We Fight – one of the strongest tracks on the album.

Swear And Shake really deliver on this album. They let their feelings out and you feel the story they have chosen to tell. It may be painful, it may be hopeful, it may be sad, it may be joyful – and we get it all. Kudos! I’m very happy to have discovered this band.

Jake Krickhan


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