Album Review: Siv Jakobsen – A Temporary Soothing

In a time when we need it the most, Siv Jakobsen’s latest album, A Temporary Soothing, is just that. As we experience life during a global pandemic, art seems to have newfound meaning and purpose, and this album is no exception. A Temporary Soothing is a stunning indie-folk album with cinematic undertones and elevated production compared to Jakobsen’s acoustic records – a sign of sincere growth as she reaches this new height. 

Fear the Fear is a dark, ethereal piece about the comfort of settling into one’s fear, rather than putting in the work to mentally move out of this state of pain. The potential of failing is so daunting that the thought of trying and being unable to heal is too unbearable, making it easier to make a home within the negativity. There’s beauty in the details of the song’s production, and the incorporation of strings and a full band creates further depth and contrast. Jakobsen’s voice is so timeless, and the way it flutters in Fight or Flight, and in the particularly angelic Shine, is gorgeous.

A Temporary Soothing gives us a brief, peaceful intermission with Celtic influences, before heading into the more crippling reality that is Anywhere Else. Similar to the sentiment of Fear the Fear, this song grapples with the inner struggle to make decisions that will propel us forward, and while it’s also quite fitting for the uncertain, chaotic times we are living in today, it sonically still gives us a sense of hope and encouragement. Island is an outlier with more of an alternative, pop-rock feel. This bold step out of the box certainly works in Jakobsen’s favour, and showcases her confidence and desire to experiment with new sounds. I Call it Love is a beautifully written, classic love song – a magnificent end to an album full of elegance and finesse. 

A Temporary Soothing is melodically captivating at every turn and is truly a modern representation of nordic folk. Even through her lyrical exploration of anxiety and fear, Jakobsen still provides us with comfort and warmth. She has never sounded better and this album is sure to capture your hearts. 

Julia Kwan


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