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The Seattle band Rose Windows present another collection of hard rock and psychedelic folk songs on their self-titled follow up to The Sun Dogs. It’s clear to any classic rock fan that with distorted guitars and viscous studio effects that the band is channeling Black Sabbath’s self titled debut.

Bodhi Song sets the dark, heavy tone for the album as a slow paced, distorted guitar riff pierces through the ears. The tempo remains relatively slow throughout the tune and the muffled percussion in the background contributes to the airy, gloomy energy.

The loud, booming guitar riff on the next track, Glory, Glory, drives the song from start to finish. The vocals definitely keep the classic rock vibe alive, as this is the most energetic song on the album.

The pace of the album slows down again for Blind – a funky, soulful song packed with acoustic and electric guitars, as well as a rhythmically sound drumbeat. The song ends with shredding guitar solos and a studio effect that almost sounds like a flute.

Come Get Us Again is the softest song on the album, dominated by the driving acoustic guitar rhythm and very subtle background instruments. The low energy, monotonous vocals also add to the peaceful, gentle vigor of the song.

The acoustic dominated songs continue onto the next track The Old Crow, which opens up with vocal melody precisely matching the acoustic guitar melody. The whole band joins in shortly after and the acoustic gains support from backing electric guitars and a powerful drumbeat.

This will be the last Rose Windows album for a while and maybe forever since the band posted a breakup announcement on their Facebook page. After posting an apology to fans for cutting their live set short the night before, it’s evident that they didn’t feel so great about the band chemistry for the new songs.

By Scott J. Herman


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