Album Review: Roo Panes – A Quiet Man

Behold sweet music fans, Roo Panes’ A Quiet Man has just been released and for anyone interested in gentle, sumptuous, contemporary folk – this is a record to observe. Simple and delicate throughout, the album is both intricate and atmospheric. The sound is calm and the lyrics pleasing. Roo has a talent for creating uplifting and engaging music and his album is a humble triumph.

While the ongoing comparisons with artists such as Bon Iver and Ben Howard must grow slightly tedious for Roo Panes and his band, in some ways they must also be celebrated. Fans of millennial folk will inevitably enjoy A Quiet Man, there is a familiarity to the album which only enhances its easiness on the ear. Songs such as A Year In The Garden and Sketches Of Summer draw upon the natural imagery we have become quite accustomed to hearing in modern folk. The atmospheric and spiritual element to the album will complement many listener’s dispositions quite perfectly.

Throughout one of the strongest tracks on the record, Cub, we hear Panes deliberate ‘I knew you as a cub and now you’ve grown into a Lion’. This is feel good music, good for the soul, good for the heart. The closing track Peace Be With You, is perhaps one of the most interesting moments on the record. Panes draws upon his own theological background and explores various religious sentiments. He sings ‘You’re in my prayers, Peace be With You, Amen’ – here Roo Panes exposes his impressive vocal range and invites listeners to engage with his music slightly more intensely.

For the most part, Roo Panes’ A Quiet Man is not ground-breaking, nor especially unique, but for music fans looking for a variation on a very enjoyable theme, the album is definitely worth a listen.

Jessica Newsome


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