Album Review: Ray LaMontagne – Part Of The Light

One of my favorite artists returns this week, with his seventh studio album, titled Part Of The Light. With only nine tracks recorded at his home studio, LaMontagne delivers some fantastic tunes.

Opening in good voice with a song called To The Sea, it makes me think of swaying back and forth on a boat with my friends, drinking beers. This song reminds me of a lot of his earlier folk work – drawing on the likes of debut Trouble and 2006’s Till The Sun Turns Black. Next up is Paper Man which diverges from the folk world into an almost Elton John-esque alternative space, but I don’t hate it. The title track follows and is in a similar vein but it flows and his voice is quite angelic on this one.

It’s Always Been You is slow tempoed and almost ethereal but still quite a beautiful, aching love song. LaMontagne returns to true rock with the track entitled As Black As Blood Is Blue and I like it! Next up, is the lead single Such A Simple Thing, and this represents the true, Ray LaMontagne folk-Americana god at his finest. This is maybe the most sing a long-esque track on this album. The record then closes out with a beautiful folksy tune called Goodbye Blue Sky and it, along with Let’s Make It Last, may be my favorite tracks on the album.

I have been a fan of Ray LaMontagne for many years and I will continue to be. I love to hear the way he challenges himself and tries different things, concepts, and genres. There is something about his voice that I feel just resonates more in the simple folk songs than in his harder rocking tracks, but nevertheless, I like it all! Keep it up Ray!

Jake Krickhan


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