Album Review: Pieta Brown – Paradise Outlaw



Paradise Outlaw is US singer/songwriter Pieta Brown’s sixth studio album, and her third on Red House Records. A record produced by Pieta and recorded over just four days, with support and significant contributions from Amos Lee, Greg Brown (her father), Justin Vernon and husband Bo Ramsey.

A fabulous fourteen tracks including twelve Brown originals. The other two songs, a Mark Knopfler cover of Before Gas And TV with  Do You Know ?  a co-write and soulful duet with Amos Lee.

Wondering How is a lovely first shot. Then we’re on the rebound with Ricochet. Already, a couple of bullets have made it close to the heart and we fall down, wounded in love.

Flowers Of Love unfurls like a red and blue flag in a soft breeze. No Not Me  is a tune about Colorado and is full of Spring – this composition includes a lovely line: “I Put Your Feather In My Hat”.  By now, so deep and delicately involved with The Outlaw, you rather wish she would just do that!

All My Rain feels like a train on the tracks with no particular place to go, although eventually it pulls in at Little Swainson, an instrumental, written by Pieta Brown for a rehabilitated Swainson’s Hawk that she visits at the McBride Raptor Centre, just outside of Iowa – Iowa being Pieta’s birthplace.

Painter’s Hands is gentle on the mind, and Heading Home picks up that railroad beat again, but a little faster as images of blue-green pines appear then disappear from view.

Letter In Hand is a dark and black eulogy to lost and losing love. Back To You and Receiver keep up the high standard of this cd, and as we round-off with Rise My Only Rose, this reviewer feels quietly satisfied, in love with the music she makes.

Mark Watkins


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