Album Review: Passenger – Runaway

On his ninth studio album, Mike Rosenberg (aka Passenger), takes us on a road trip through America. This album truly feels like that and exudes that care-free spirit. This is also reflected in the very Americana sound throughout. There are 10 tracks here and Rosenberg’s voice is as memorable as ever.

The first track, Hell Or High Water, sets the tone for our journey, lush instrumentation and all. Next up is Why Can’t I Change? and this song reminds me a lot of the poetics of Bob Dylan – again, what better focus on a road trip than discovering yourself? Next is a bouncing love song, Heart to Love with analogies that we can all relate to. Let’s Go follows and this may be my favorite song on the album – it’s upbeat, fun and lyrically colorful.

Just past the half way point things slow down considerably with Ghost Town. It’s a simple and very heartfelt tune. The title track Runaway follows with a nice horn intro and an almost oxymoron take on the road trip that we’ve been taking, but still very much fits in the theme. The next song, Eagle Bear Buffalo is so visual, so America, so Yellowstone. The album’s second to last track is To Be Free and it’s a soaring, beautiful, and reflective piano ballad.The closing track is called Survivors and it really encapsulates the journey we’ve taken during the past 9 songs.

I really enjoyed the visual nature of this album and Passenger is in top form. I’m sure this will be a must have road-trip album for many of us.

Jake Krickhan