Album Review: Orla Gartland – Lonely People



The energetic 19 year old Irish songstress Orla Gartland has just released her second EP Lonely People. This EP allows us into the world of Orla, to experience what she has been working on since her last EP Roots. Within the first day of release this EP flew to Number 1 in the Singer/Songwriter chart in Ireland.

The album kicks off with the fabulous, bouncy track Lonely People. Everything works in this song, it can only make you feel happy with the wonderful instrumental composed alongside the beautiful harmonies. The pop-like-feel makes this sound as if it were a summer anthem allowing you to get up and dance. Orla shows us her exceptional songwriting abilities, (We’re too young to know what love is/Our loss/Cynical eyes scanning the room for meaning.) This works particularly well as it targets her audience and the mix of funk and her very unique voice makes this song overall have a very pop-esque feel.

The next song Souvenirs has a very ‘The 1975’ feel. The pop beat allows this EP to slow down a bit from the energetic sound of Lonely People whilst still allowing you to dance. Even though this beat is constant, Orla’s vocals aren’t drowned out and you can hear the brilliant backing vocals adding more depth to this song.

Whispers is the 3rd track on this EP. A much slower piece, relaxing the listeners. The songwriter again displays her ability to write heartbreaking songs, as discovered in her first EP with Empty Man. This song is almost the outstanding song on this EP as it shows the incredible diversity of this Irish singer. Whilst listening it feels as if Orla is in the room as the vocals are so clear and you can feel her put all her emotion into the song through the emphasis of certain lines (You said I was a wasted promise/I thought I was a waste of time’)

The last song on this EP is the breathtaking Get Back – proving that Orla knows exactly how to make an EP. She ends on a high note, again delivering the pop beats. This song has the catchiest chorus, something yet again confirming how talented she is as an emerging singer-songwriter.

Overall this album highlights the incredible diverse vocal abilities of the young Orla Gartland. In years to come her music will just keep improving as she allows us into her wild and wonderful world through these absorbing EP’s.

Rachel Allman