Album Review: Old Crow Medicine Show – Best Of

Two time Grammy-Award winners string-band Old Crow Medicine Show have kicked off their year with a healthy dose of nostalgia; releasing a Best Of album. Taking their hardcore fans for a trip down memory lane and treating newer listeners to some classics from their abundant repertoire – the collection is a fantastic mix of tracks from their previous three albums and is everything fans would hope for from the energetic and raucous musicians.

Opening with internationally adored, platinum selling Wagon Wheel, Nashville Based Old Crow Medicine Show’s Best Of is a fun and really quite lovely aide-mémoire of the band’s successful career. The album is a fabulous example of the work that has entertained OCMS’s many loyal fans and earned the respect of both their peers and influences during their extensive career.

As well as featuring well loved tracks such as Tell it to Me, Alabama High Test and My Good Gal, the album features previously unreleased tunes Black Haired Quebecoise and Heart Up In The Sky – which, are both real knee-slappingly-good humdingers, for the record.

Old Crow Medicine Show’s Best Of is a triumph, the band have previously been praised for inspiring many key members of the folk rock revivalist movement and this album is sure to only concrete this legacy further. The record is filled with a light-hearted country vibe that can add a little brightness to the most dreary day, and for this quality alone, this album is sure to sell a copy or two.

Jessica Newsome


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