Album Review: Norah Jones – Pick Me Up Off The Floor

Pick Me Up Off The Floor might very well be the soul jazz record Norah Jones needed to give Carmen McRae and Nina Simone a run for their money. Titles like ‘How I Weep’, ‘Hurts To Be Alone’ and ‘Heartbroken, Day After’ might catch your eye upon a first glimpse of the track list. Norah’s ability to capture intimate romantic vibes is immediately recognizable from the first note of the record. Another stand out characteristic of this album is the deep soul, R&B grooves that give die hard fans a bit of enlivened jazz overtones to an already mastered easy listening style.

Norah Jones is more than just a singing and piano-playing jazz queen. She is one of the more skilled and authentic artists in the field and these fresh tracks are exemplary exhibits. One major highlight of the album is track 8, ‘I’m Alive’. With the folk rock energy of featured musician Jeff Tweedy from Wilco, the song immediately gains memorability. The sharp bouncing piano cords on ‘Hurts To Be Alone’ immediately hooks listeners and keeps them excited for more jazzy-soul brilliance.

It’s not everyday that you get to hear a nine-time Grammy Award winner like Norah Jones spill her soul out so poetically and beautifully. Every song in this record will catch your attention and make you want to listen more than once.

Scott J. Herman


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