Album Review: Nick Mulvey – Wake Up Now

All Hail King Nick; returned to the spotlight, following a whirlwind couple of years, with a second album and first born child in tow, Nick Mulvey is back and somehow even better than before

Wake Up Now is an exquisite record with a distinctive energy and a bounty of beautiful tracks. Mulvey is open and honest, he appears to be infinitely inspired and fiercely determined to shed a little light into a world filled with “fuckery”, a world that even since the release of his first album has become increasingly dark and disturbing

Unlike First Mind, Nick’s debut solo album, Wake Up Now was created by a collective – the record is filled with moments of Nick’s merry band of multi-talented musicians and close friends singing in unison, sharing moments and ideologies alike. The album celebrates community and togetherness. Gone are the days of the lonely singer songwriter; according to Nick Mulvey and mentor Brian Eno, our modern world is so abundant with solitude and isolationism, that the concept has become futile in the context of the creation of modern music. Instead we as a race should be banding together, celebrating the arts, celebrating one another

Mulvey’s music has spiritual qualities, backed up by Fifi Dewey’s stunning vocals – When The Body Is Gone is an epic, almost gothic sounding track. It is simultaneously beautiful and haunting. Moreover, listening to the seven minute long In Your Hands at the end of the record feels like a meditative practise, it also feels somewhat like a hug, but I digress

Remembering is a stand out track on the Wake Up Now album; this suitably evocative track allows the mind to wander and not only indulge in Mulvey’s ode to his own Father and his Baby Boy but to enjoy a moment to reminisce and connect with one’s own self. The song is upbeat and the sound is fresh, it sounds like the Jungle Book, in the best possible way

Myela is another stand out track on the album is also possibly one of the most important and culturally enriching songs to come out of the year, if not the decade. Prompted by the refugee crisis and a yearning to attempt to help with the heartbreaking situation we have all witnessed over the last couple of years, Mulvey wrote Myela with bandmate Frederico. After exploring many first hand accounts of refugee’s journeys the pair came up with the track, which they considered an opportunity to tell a story, to give a voice to the silent. Mulvey explained in an interview with TFFT that though when he first began singing Myela he wasn’t sure of the word’s meaning, (it was more that it felt like the right word to use), it has since taken on it’s own identity. Nick now understands that to him the word means ‘to Mother’, and it has developed into a theme throughout Wake Up Now

It must be said that as well as being one of the most switched on minds of our time, Mulvey is an exceptional musician. Wake Up Now is equally as full of catchy tunes, amazing guitar ability and delicious vocals as First Mind was. It is sumptuous listening and a lot of fun, a lot of the time. Wake Up Now is an album made by the people, for the people. It was made to be sang at festivals with friends, for people to enjoy and escape

As second albums go, this one is a winner. There is no doubt in my mind that there are a whole lot more people out there whom are about wake up to this beautiful man and relish his beautiful music, and what a treat they have in store for them

Jessica Newsome