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Australian singer-songwriter Matt Corby has just released his debut studio album Telluric, showcasing his haunting vocals and the power behind electronic production. After having a long and difficult career already, fans have finally got an album to listen to, however melancholic it is.

The first track Belly Side Up is a song in itself that lets Corby shine with his own abilities rather than those of which his band tend to back him up on. The electronic production at the start shows a different technique used in his earlier EP’s. What stands out is Corby’s ability to write such thought-provoking songs. ‘I have been torn up with the right to be/ And I’m hoping for the day you won’t go belly side up on me’ showcases Corby’s amazing song writing ability; something that is extraordinary as a recording artist.

With this album it feels that Corby is experimenting with different genres and Knife Edge is a great example of this. The jazzy-blues sounds resonate throughout this song, with Corby’s vocals sounding completely different to what is normally heard from the man himself. The chorus itself it catchy with this working perfectly alongside the jazz production. Corby’s vocals are always perfect with him having the vocal range many people are envious of with him achieving a great name such as the likes of Adele and Sam Smith.

Telluric allows Corby to integrate all his skills into one album with Wrong Man allowing him to sing in the way he is well known for. The haunting and echoing tones of his incredible vocals allow this song to be one of the greatest on this debut album. The story behind this song itself shows how powerful simple lyrics can become so complex with the metaphorical aspects Corby is so well known for. ‘You know you’re talking to the wrong man, my friend/ I’m still on the fence/ Wasting time in future tense/ All I came here for was finding love to help me understand my own…’ The lyrics themselves seem to show the need for love but not having that. The song itself with the lyrics, the bands production and the vocals allow for this song to standout on this album. Corby has a way of making something so simple so beautiful.

Overall this album has many amazing songs on it and allows Corby to truly shine. We Could Be Friends, Good To Be Alone and Empires Attraction are all unbelievable tracks showing the talents that lie within such an up and coming artist. It is really good to see Corby finally deliver an album and have it reached so well within his fans.

Rachel Allman


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