Album Review: Marika Hackman – We Slept At Last



We can start by getting all the cliches out of the way. Things that this album truly is, but has already been said. It’s ethereal, robust, wise, brilliant and beyond Marika Hackman‘s twenty-two years of life. The album is a journey into a land tinged with whimsical guitars, and the bellows of her soft-spoken, yet fierce, voice.

Albums that live up to their hype are few and far between, it’s not something that surprises listeners anymore. We’ve been waiting for this record for quite some time, and there’s not an ounce of disappointment to be found. This journey of surreal ideas, personal growth, and a level of maturity that even us older folks still struggle to find. Filled with deep, dark songs – starting with Drown, and moving into more gentle folk tunes, such as Ophelia, Hackman navigates her debut record with absolute perfected precision.

The pleasure of listening is left in the listeners hands and ears, and one would be hard pressed to not quickly find a favourite within the album’s twelve tracks. Do we have a favourite track? Perhaps. The entire record is meant to be experienced.

This is a superior album, that will find itself in many year end lists, and just begins to strip away into Marika Hackman’s depth of talent. It will be a pleasure to watch as she grows as an artist and a human during her future albums. Dirty Hit Records have a gem on their hands. This album places Marika Hackman in the growing spot-light that she so very much deserves.

Victoria Sanders


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