Album Review: Margo Price – All American Made

On Margo Price’s second full length album All American Made – we are treated to fourteen new alternative country tracks and a truly exceptional rising-star in Country music. Often compared to Loretta Lynn, Price really shines with her lyrics and controversial topics – from women’s rights to our President.

Price kicks off the album with the upbeat rockabilly track Don’t Say It, standing up for what love means to her. The following track Weakness is Country to the core, speaking of how her weaknesses can sometimes get the best of her. Next up is A Little Pain and Margo’s voice shines on this track as her lyrics discuss how there’s no rest for the wicked.

The first ballad shows up by track four with a little help from the legendary Willie Nelson in the form of the beautiful Learning To Lose. On Pay Gap, Margo sings and laments over the pay difference for women vs men, and on Wild Women, Margo sings a new anthem for women every where – “wild women, they don’t worry, they have no time for the blues.” Following a song for all women is a song for all American’s, especially those in the middle of our country in Heart Of America. It’s a simple tune for the lifestyle that so many American’s lead but it also touches on corporate greed and the struggle these people have to deal with.

The penultimate song Loner celebrates the diversity and equality in Margo’s own special way, before the exquisite title-track closes the album with a brilliant reflection on our current times.

Overall, this is a wonderful album. Margo has a beautiful voice and knows how to deliver a message through song and an album soaked in Country. I highly recommend you check this one out.

Jake Krickhan


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