Album Review: Lucy Rose – Something’s Changing

Thank Folk favourite Lucy Rose is back with the release of her third studio album Something’s Changing; both old fans and new listeners would do well to take note. Rose wrote the album while travelling around Latin America and while she has not foregone her folksy roots for some kind of flamenco extravaganza; her travel influenced sound is bolder, more striking, more confident; this latest record is an expose of undeniable Rose’s raw talent.

Something’s Changing includes collaborations with The Staves, Daughter and Bear’s Den but the standout talent on the album is Lucy herself. Lucy’s vocal ability has flourished during her career and on Something’s Changing, her gift is in full bloom. The vocals are mature, the lyrics wise – this is not so much a coming of age album as a mandate for Lucy Rose to stand up and be counted as one of the great female singer songwriters of our time.

Gone are the pop songs of Rose’s past, this album is pared back and grown up. Many of our readers will be long time Lucy Rose fans and will not be disappointed by this album, and for those newbees to the LR party – get involved, you’ll like it.

Jessica Newsome


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