Album Review: Lowland Hum – Thin

From the very beginning ominous classical guitar pluckings of Palm Lines, track-one off of Lowland Hum’s third full-length release Thin, listeners will immediately feel the soft vibrations of “floating on the ocean.” Lauren Goanes’ melody shines brighter and louder with the help of her musical and romantic soul mate Daniels harmonies throughout the song. Daniel further enhances the floating vision as he sings on repeat “If I lose my sight will the shadow draw me in?” with Lauren echoing in the background “darlin’” on repeat.

On Adonai the rhythm and energy shifts to an upbeat western, country mood that begs for lap steel guitar accompaniment. Lauren starts the song off strong utilizing her powerful vocal range to take towering dynamic control of the song. Daniels soulful and bold vocals provide the necessary balance to create a catchy, memorable acoustic folk song, and Lowland Hum has a cabinet overloaded with examples.

The mood shifts back to mellow and is spiked with a sense of eerie on track three In Flight. “I’m looking down the well. Hearing my name in a dark refrain, I’m looking down the well.” These lyrics combined with a minor triplet plucking pattern perfects the unique vibe of the song. The outro features Lauren and Daniel humming and harmonizing and not only do their sharp and solid notes sound beautiful and strong together but their voices are also in sync with electric guitar licks.

Compass provides an immediate upbeat folk strumming energy that captivates the ears of listeners. Lauren’s vocals soar in every musical compass direction, and Daniel’s harmonies on the chorus truly complete the natural and organically unique Lowland Hum sound. These song singers stat true to their craft with heartfelt vocals and powerful instrumental energy.

Track five Family Tree quiets down the mood of the album as Lauren beautifully croons over soft, light acoustic guitar pluckings. The dark toned fingerpicking pattern of Vedauwoo casts a spell on listeners. If you press play on this track you are surrendering yourself into peaceful zen and you want ever want the harmonies, piano trickling’s and continuous catchy beat of the guitar to end.

The peaceful zen continues on the next track Folded Flowers. The vibe they create sends you to your most dream vacation escape, and as the song picks up you envision a dance party on the beach. The extraordinary guitar melody on Thin Places captures the listener’s attention as this Daniel vocal led song becomes the source of the album title.

Another highlight from this album is track ten Winter Grass, which contains all the elements of a pure, honest Lowland Hum song. With beautiful voices and perfect chemistry, Lowland Hum is definitely a band to familiarize yourself with if you don’t know them already.

Scott J. Herman



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