Album Review: Liza Anne – Fine But Dying

Fine But Dying is Nashville artist Liza Anne’s third album, offering a touching account of heartbreak and mental illness in a very beautiful and infectious way. It starts loud and raw, with quiet parts that cut to the core. To quote the overwhelming Panic Attack, her “body is here…try to remember I’m alive…” – a strong way to describe that this an album to be reckoned with.

The opener Paranoia displays elements of The Pretenders but with a much harder edge, especially with the angst shining through, in particular at the end of the chorus. For most of the album you just want to jump around, shouting the lyrics back at the record as a sense of release, whilst the slower tracks bring you back to reality, checking in on you and making sure that your pulse is still beating. All your senses are tapped into when listening to Fine But Dying. It definitely gives you that feeling of being alive when you feel like you are up against it all.

Socks is intricate yet sophisticated. Seriously, how Liza Anne compares her feelings to a piece of clothing is admirable. Imagine singing, “you’re my favourite pair, don’t wanna throw you in the wash,” out loud. What is there not to love about this? Liza’s talent for mixing things up is then displayed once again on Closest To Me, with its country-tinge and honest lyrics, which detail how she has hurt those around her due to issues with anxiety.

Turn For The Worse has a haunting opening but quickly turns around after the first verse. It’s a catchy hook and makes dealing with pain that much more bearable. And be prepared for what comes at 2 mins 55 seconds. The guitar strings and stripped back drums pound on the heartstrings. The angst then comes full force with Kid Gloves, showing that this album is definitely ‘not too fragile to touch’. It is in fact a record that works in many musical ways, with pop, folk, indie-rock and electro all playing a part – it would be amazing to see this comes alive at a live show.

The album then ends with one of the most stunning, raw and emotional tracks that we have heard in a while. I’m Tired, You’re Lonely is simply gorgeous and packs one hell of a punch. A tale of pure emotion, heartbreak and turmoil – the track displays Liza’s incredible vocals more than ever and causes every hair to stand on the back of the neck.

Look out for this one – things are only going to get bigger and better.

Victoria Ling


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