Album Review: Leon Bridges – Good Thing

Slick and soulful, Leon BridgesGood Thing is just about the best album around at the moment. No really, it is. Sure it might not be the folkiest affair, nor is it risqué or outrageous – rather Good Thing has a strong, confident sound which is flawlessly accentuated by Leon’s smooth smooth vocal talent. Texas born Leon Bridges has trumped his 2015 Grammy-nominated Coming Home with Good Thing, and is set to triumph even further as time ticks by.

The album’s opening track, Bet Ain’t Worth The Hand, is a beautifully rich and lustrous track. It’s a head turner – it invites the listener to sit up and take note. It tells the listener that Good Thing is not an album to fade into the background; Bridges is no wallflower, he’s too talented for that. The song boasts everything from xylophones to falsetto vocals and a hefty string section, it’s intense and relaxed in the best possible way – much like the whole of the record.

In Bad Bad News, Leon Bridges’ sound conjures everyone from the soul-side of Anderson .Paak, to early Justin Timberlake, to Tom Misch. The style is comfortingly familiar, yet entirely new and refreshing. In Georgia To Texas, Bridges exposes the true extent of his ability. A slightly more dystopic moment on the album, the track is less easy on the ear than the previous and yet to many will be considered even more engaging.

Unsurprisingly, Leon Bridges has worked with many of the same producers as the likes of Twenty One Pilots, Halsey, Meghan Trainor and Maroon 5 on the album. The result is that Good Thing is exceptionally well polished, yet this is not to say that the record is inauthentic or boring. Indeed, Bridges is a raw talent with funk and soul in abundance that have been so beautifully captured throughout this album that the singer is seen in his best possibly light.

While Bridges’ Good Thing may be a slightly rogue recommendation for many TFFT readers, it is certainly worth a listen. Gentle and inspiring, this is an album for music lovers in general. It’s 70s blues meets 90s RnB fusion is both fun and charming. Leon Bridges is set to have a future filled with sunshine and soul and I for one think he deserves every moment.

Jessica Newsome


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