Album Review: Kings Of Leon – WALLS



‘We Are Like Love Songs’ is the acronym for which WALLS, the new album by three-time Grammy winning band Kings of Leon, originated. The family band took some time, used a new producer, and are perhaps, attempting a different sound. This album certainly focuses on the musicianship of the band and the lyrics and vocals of Caleb Followill.

The album leads with the upbeat Waste Of A Moment and gets the listener in the mood to dance and jam out. The following track, Reverend, takes us back to the band’s Nashville roots – very Southern rock and catchy. This song has the potential to be their most successful single if released. Find Me vaguely reminds me of some of the bigger hits of Kings of Leon’s past – very modern rock and roll with catchy repetitions.

Caleb gives a very strong vocal on Over which is basically a ballad with super cheesy lyrics – a substantial leap away from the gritty debut and sophomore records. The Latin-tinged Muchacho does not fit on this album and takes you out of the flow of the rest of the record. Kudos for trying something new, but this is not what we are expecting from the guys in Kings Of Leon. My favourite track on the album is Conversation Piece and that’s all I’m going to say – you need to check it out. Another stand out is Eyes On You, before the album closes with the title-track and its only true ballad – it’s very pretty.

All in all, this album is ok, but it doesn’t make me change my opinion of Kings Of Leon in either direction. I enjoy the band even if they have gone towards the commercial side of rock music, but once again, improvements could still be made by the boys from Nashville.

Jake Krickhan



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