Album Review: Jamestown Revival – The Education Of A Wandering Man



This is my first time reviewing an album for a band whose music I have never heard. The Education Of A Wandering Man is the second album by Texas duo Jamestown Revival and it’s a good one. Zach Chance and Jonathan Clay can now consider me a fan. The first single, Love Is A Burden, is a smooth southern-rock tune that soars by and really let’s you in on an emotion that many of us have surely felt at one time or another.

Jamestown Revival definitely bring out an Americana Texas sound on many of the tracks, including the toe-tapping positive American Dream. Though I would classify Jamestown Revival as a pure Americana band (and I love that genre) they dabble in many different genres along the way; including the blues, classic country and some nice southern rock.

Another stand out track is the autobiographical Back To Austin. I’ve lived this song – though I moved from NYC to LA back to NYC (I’m a North Carolina guy at heart).  The vocals on this track and many others really shine, especially the tight harmonies on Almost All The Time. You can still really hear a bit a of West Coast beach influence on the almost poppy Midnight Hour. Then we depart again and head to swampy New Orleans with a funky and bluesy sound on the awesome Poor Man’s Gold.

This album is one to put on and go for a drive with the windows down. It’s an album to have on while drinking some beers in the backyard. I’d never heard any of Jamestown Revival’s music before this but I must go check out their first release Utah ASAP. Great work guys – can’t wait to check out your live show!

Jake Krickhan



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