Album Review: Heather Maloney – Making Me Break



With countless “ooo’s” and unique vocal riffs, Heather Maloney’s extraordinary vocal power on Making Me Break captures the ears of listeners. Produced by Bill Reynolds – who has worked with The Avett Brothers and Band Of Horses – Maloney’s third full length release is filled with innovative melodies and honest lyrics that guarantees a positive response from all of her fans.

Linger Longer shows a bit of Maloney’s country side, but the main genre of her music is singer-songwriter/indie/folk-pop. The song is driven but a classic rock drum beat and soulful, unique oooh’s which Maloney lingers and riffs on throughout the chorus. Listeners will definitely linger longer on this track, which contains vocal harmonies that are sure to keep fans intrigued.

By the chorus of the second song Otherwise we begin to pick up on Maloney’s love for oooohing her way through her melodic and catchy hooks. A light banjo is present throughout the song, adding a folk blend to Maloney’s massive pop elements. A full band sound complementing Maloney’s gorgeous vocals is a rock recipe for success and is sure to generate a great amount of buzz the indie/folk/pop scene.

In the very beginning of the third track Word For Word we are immediately presented with oooh’s, which foreshadows another chorus theme. The song begins with a lower energy but builds into a pop explosion of memorable vocal melodies and powerful guitar riffs.

The title track on the album presents Maloney’s unique style and ear for vocal melodies. Making Me Break is driven by a highly chromatic melodic theme, which stuns fans of typical, straight-forward melodies and distracts them from the normal artists and bands they listen to. The song makes us break into curiosity of how Maloney can create such eccentric and original music.

The most intriguing song on the album is track nine. In our interview with Maloney, she explained to me that 1855 is a song about a couple who goes through their whole life with only one photograph ever taken of them and it gets taken late in their lives. Maloney is a very deep lyricist and her beautiful voice and instrumentation throughout all of Making Me Break will surely not disappoint.

Scott J. Herman


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