Album Review: Flo Morrissey & Matthew E. White – Gentlewoman, Ruby Man

I have to be honest – I have not heard much of Flo Morrissey or Matthew E White’s solo work, but I have heard most of the songs they cover together on their new album Gentlewoman, Ruby Man. These two singular artists have such distinct voices that they bring new interpretations to a variety of songs and make them each their own.

Opening with the chilled but bouncy Little Wings cover Look At What The Light Did Now, the two artists set the tone for a different kind of covers album. They follow that with a more recent song, Frank Ocean’s Thinking Bout You ( a song I really love), and they don’t try to copy his version but they make it more of an indie rock tune that works very well – very cool.

Later, Morrissey shines on a haunting cover of James Blake’s The Colour In Anything. This album has an over sense of buoyancy and that rings very true on the Roy Ayers’ classic track Everybody Loves The Sunshine. It just makes you smile – and that smile lasts into the next track, Grease. The BeeGees cover is a standout on the album. They really disconnect it from the film and turn it in to a pretty sexy and fun duet.

Though not a huge fan of the Velvet Underground I really enjoyed the pair’s cover of Sunday Morning – turning it into an upbeat and positive track. With other songs by George Harrison, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Leonard Cohen, and Nino Ferrer, Flo and Matthew really run the spectrum of different. The album works as a whole and breathes new life into songs new and old alike.

Jake Krickhan


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