Album Review: Fenne Lily – On Hold

Sumptuous and simple, Fenne Lily’s On Hold is a sweet debut album, filled with wholesome tracks about heartbreak, family and relationships. Lily’s vocals are rich, husky yet delicate, the pace is mellow, the guitar playing is quality, the sound easy on the ear.

Though by no means groundbreaking, On Hold contains some quality tracks. Top To Toe is a delightful tune that was written some years ago when Lily was just fifteen, and has gained momentum over the years. Other stand out moments on the album include Three Oh Nine and More Than You Know. Lily’s acoustic sound is consistent and her songs leave the listener feeling nourished and balanced.

The On Hold album is comforting and familiar, and while it cannot be denied that her songs are slightly lacking in originality; Fenne Lily has talent in abundance. The album is delightful yet it’s a slight shame that it is so similar to so many other female singer-songwriters that we are all already so well acquainted with. Fenne Lily is good, very good in fact, yet sadly, perhaps a little late to the party. Nonetheless, this could be a small stepping-stone towards something much greater – it’ll be interesting to see.

If you fancy wallowing away an afternoon with some relaxing, beautiful and melancholy music, then Fenne Lily’s On Hold would be a good place to start – just perhaps give her a miss if you are in the mood to have your mind blown.

Jessica Newsome


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