Album Review: Eric Slick – Wiseacre

Eric Slick may be most known for sitting behind the drum set of the alternative soul and indie rock band Dr. Dog, but Eric Slick is making and even more exciting name for himself with his new solo album Wiseacre.

Immediately from the lyric video of the single ‘When It Comes Down To It’, we get to see the witty, music theory nerd side of Eric, as he displays chord charts for the sophisticated changes on the song. The next track ‘Children’ brings to mind some of the sounds of the contemporary-indie act The Shins, with some additional psychedelic synths and effects.

Track four, with the fitting title ‘Quarantine’, will hit home for fellow creative souls that may be struggling during this COVID-19 pandemic time. ‘Closer To Heaven’ is a must listen standout on the album which features rocking energy and lead vocals from his partner Natalie Prass.

On ‘Nothing To Lose’ we begin to hear a bit of acoustic Weezer-influenced soft-rock style. Eric demonstrates his variety of styles and musical moods on this album quite perfectly. Another highlight of the album is ‘Haunted’. The chorus hook is built on ‘ooo-ooo’s’ which cleverly fit the title of the track.

The album ends with a 7 minute masterpiece jam. ‘Someday’ is filled with elements of funk/soul psychedelic and experimental sounds as well. Wiseacre in its entirety may not feel or come off as dark during the first listen through, but the mysterious and ominous sounds that are tucked away under the layers of Slick’s multi-instrumentalist skills are what make this album a gem to hear for years to come.

Scott J. Herman


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