Album Review: Eliot Bronson – Empty Spaces

Eliot Bronson’s new album is 32 minutes and 55 seconds of beautiful, soft, heartfelt music reflecting on love, loss and healing. The 40 year-old singer songwriter has yet again delivered the goods in the form of his new release Empty Spaces.

The opening track ‘The Visitor’ sets the tone for the rest of the album with a melancholy lead guitar and layered lapsteel that wraps around your ears like a hug. “I tried to feel at home but I was just a visitor”. Although this song clearly represents personal turmoil the artist has recently been through (evident in the pain behind his words), the listener can also relate to this song, and indeed the whole album, in feeling uncomfortable or misplaced in their own lives and homes in light of the current affairs of 2020. This song is unspecific enough to make of the lyrics what you will, but they are nontheless poignant in feeling.

‘She Loves the Mountains’ is an upbeat number fit for any adventure playlist. The vibe is energetic and contagious and the chorus, although bittersweet, is catchy as hell. Which in my opinion, makes for the perfect song. Making light of tough situations is just about all we’re used to this day and age and this song is a stroke of genius taking his own experiences and turning them in to sweet music for all to interpret and enjoy.

The title track ‘Empty Spaces’ has a beautiful harmony laced through the vocals, a delight on the ears and in true country style. “I’m getting used to the empty spaces, that you used to fill”. This break-up album can be summed up in the essence if this song.

Having recently made the move to Nashville, Bronson has done a brilliant job of turning his feelings into solid gold. With harmonica and lapsteel littered throughout this album and the knowledge and wisdom any heartbreak can bring, intertwined so delicately alongside melancholy melodies, it’s a record surely we can all relate to.

Shannon Pearl


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