Album Review: Dr. Dog – Critical Equation

Critically acclaimed indie rock band Dr. Dog has made their way back into the spotlight with their new album Critical Equation. The project contains ten more tracks of an experimental, soul-buzzing trance that allows the band to truly hone in on their psychedelic studio trance. Although the album doesn’t rival earlier works from their discography, it still displays the tight chemistry that keeps fans on the bandwagon.

The first track Listening In produces the introductory vibe that any album needs to capture listeners attention. The song gains an immediate sing along vibe with easy to remember lyrics and a slow enough beat to keep fans rocking along to Dr.Dog’s indie soul spirit. With a grooving bass line, this song has enough energy to start the momentum for the attitude of the album.

Track three Buzzing In The Light is one of the major highlights on this album. It’s eerie studio effects mixed with soulful harmonies creates a rocking vibe that holds strong throughout the entire song. This song stands out on the record as one of the more chill, mellow moods of the album.

The energy picks up on Virginia Please, which features a faster, rocking drumbeat and staccato guitar chords which drives the songs upbeat energy all the way through. The vocal melody provides a catchy tune that has listeners humming along soon after the first few lines of the verse. Next up is the title track Critical Equation that shifts the energy back into a psychedelic vibe and relaxed tempo. Dr. Dog specialize in hooking fans with catchy melodies and sing along lyrics, and Critical Equation is a perfect example.

True Love picks up the beat again with an edgy, syncopated drumbeat and positive vocal and instrumental melodies. The catchy vibe continues with the next song Heart Killer featuring a high energized chorus, which highlights the affect of a true heart killer. The band winds down the mood of the album on track eight, titled Night. This acoustic, slow moving track is surely to show up on many “Sleep” playlists and will send your brain into a quiet paradise.

As the end of the album nears the mood is lifted with Under The Wheels a track featuring wailing guitar solos and heavy studio effects. Both lead and rhythm guitars complement each other perfectly on this track and the full band blend proves how on point and tight the chemistry is within the band. The album concludes with Coming Out Of The Darkness, displaying a neutral energy vibe on the Dr. Dog spectrum.

Critical Equation is one of Dr. Dog’s most interesting releases to date and it may take a few listens for you to fully capture its excellence.

Scott J. Herman