Album Review: Deb Talan – Lucky Girl

Within the first few seconds of Bring Water – the first of thirteen new songs that Deb Talan of The Weepies decided to bring into this world with her new, solo project Lucky Girl – listeners are dragged into an upbeat, familiar tempo that equates to true Weepies positivity. As one of the more jumpy and loud songs on the record, Deb warns her fans to stay hydrated for her thirteen-song music journey, keeping their ears glued to her clever rhymes and original melodies.

“Winter came and went, the spring of your discontent” is another magical, compelling and profound lyrical doorway into a new song to add to her repertoire – Butterfly stands out on this album as a soft gem packed with poignant fingerpicking and overall brilliant musicality. Another highlight of this album is track four, Joshua Tree In The Headphones. The lyrics of this song describe a tale of a “New England family portrait” that still holds value to Deb today, even though “that was so many lifetimes ago.”

That’s Alright presents another familiar Weepies vibe alongside a highly memorable hook, crafted with ‘ay ye ay yay’s’ that won’t escape your mind because of its attractive and beautiful flow. The transitions between the actual lyrics and the ‘ay ye ay yay’s’ are seamless and this stands out as one of Deb’s strong songwriting characteristics. Still Life stands out as another highly memorable song on Lucky Girl, with a folk pop upbeat optimistic vibe, true Weepies fans will be hooked to this song in no time.

Within the first few seconds of Stained Glass, listeners are transported to the most zen and serene meditative setting. With Deb’s gorgeous vocals and her gentle, firm finger-picking, it’s very easy to get lost in the simple, soft beauty of this song. This track was the first song I repeated multiple times after the first listen. Growing Up gains a lot of attention as one of the more unique songs on the album. I call it unique because it has a different lyric tempo and overall vibe than any other Weepies or Deb Talan song I’ve ever heard. As soon as the song begins, Deb begins firing off lyrics that are all crammed in tight between each other. I think she needs to listen to her message from the first song and bring some extra water with her to finish Growing Up.

Deb Talan has recorded another magical, masterful work of songs and I can only hope that these songs will be played with future accompaniment from her husband and musical soulmate Steve Tannen at a future Weepies show!

Scott J. Herman


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