Album Review: Death Cab For Cutie – Thank You For Today

On album number nine, Thank You For Today, Death Cab For Cutie presents a powerful comeback from the previous experiment on the last record Kintsugi. It’s tough to keep fans intrigued if you decide to reshape the style that hooked them; but Ben Gibbard’s classic Death Cab songwriting style is the main theme of these fresh new indie rock gems.

The album begins with a sunny day highway, driving windows down vibe with bold electric guitar effects and a traveling drumbeat pace. I Dreamt We Spoke Again is a blast off back into a truly outstanding and genius album from the Bellingham, Washington indie rockers. The upbeat rock energy continues with Summer Years, a gentle yet aggressive song.

Gold Rush displays the authentic rock power of the also intimate, humble singer/songwriter styles of Death Cab For Cutie. The echoing vocals in the chorus stir up powerful emotions that last throughout the entire song. Track four, Hurricane, gains attention from the familiar drumbeat and vocal melodies. Longtime fans of this band are in for a special treat since these new songs are highly inspired by the classics that attracted them in the first place.

When We Drive displays more Death Cab rocking positivity and uplifting energy. There is not one bad song on this new album, which not only shows a strong sense of band unity but also displays a genius style of songwriting. Autumn Love stands out as a memorable song on the album with bold, brassy acoustic strumming’s and signature Death Cab studio pop effects.

Track seven, Northern Lights, features stunning vocal harmonies and riveting electric guitar layers. The intense pace of the song also contributes to the electrifying energy. You Moved Away creates a mellow vibe with relaxed and peaceful lyrics and melodies. The calm rhythm for most of the song, makes the beat drop at the end of the song that much more surprising and entertaining. The subtle extra percussive life at the end of this song is one of the highlights in all of recent Death Cab music.

The energy picks up at the very start of the next song Near Far, with crashing drumbeats and a more uplifting groove. Every instrument and note of this song blends into the most perfect model of a signature Death Cab song. The final song of the album, 60 & Punk, gains immediate attention with gorgeous piano tones. When the vocals begin the mood transcends to a bonfire/beach night paradise vibe. Ending an album on a low energy, yet uplifting melody song is a powerful way for any artist to portray a message.

With Thank You For Today, Death Cab for Cutie make another major impact in the indie rock spotlight.

Scott J. Herman