Album Review: Dawes – Good Luck with Whatever

Within seconds of the first song ‘Still Feel Like a Kid’, Dawes fans know they’re in for an epic comeback from the last album Passwords. The classic Dawes sounds are back at a more consistent level throughout this album, and for the first time since their 3rd LP Stories Don’t End.

I remember seeing the acoustic, early stages version of the title track ‘Good Luck With Whatever’ posted on lead singer Taylor Goldsmith’s Instagram, live from the tour bus. Now, years later that has not only turned into a new studio song but also the title of the whole project. 

One of two absolute standout tracks on this album is ‘Between The Zero and One’, which features every element in the formula of the perfect Dawes song. Towering melodies, steady consistent non-overpowering percussion, and classic rock distorted guitar effects.

The lead single ‘Who Do You Think You’re Talking To’ is also an example of the silly yet intriguing style of Taylor and the rest of the Dawes band. With more of a driving and drum beat powered structure, this song blasts off into a dance floor rocker very quickly.

I’ll never forget the first time hearing ‘It Didn’t Fix Me’ during a quarantined afternoon thunderstorm and hearing the rain splash against my air conditioner, looking out the backyard of my 81st Street and Columbus Ave NYC walk up aparment. The serious, yet beautiful mood of the song matched the rain and clouds, as the lightning flashed and thunder boomed in rhythm with the song. This listening experience in fact, did temporarily fix my concern about the world’s pandemic status and offered a hopeful image in a vulnerable/emotive state.

These are just a few talking points as to why Dawes are back and better than ever. You’ll have to listen for yourself to really see why this band continues to explore, push their sound and know how to give the fans what they want.

Scott J. Herman


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