Album Review: David Ramirez – My Love Is A Hurricane

David Ramirez is back with another Americana rock project that keeps him an interesting talent to watch progress in the indie world. My Love Is A Hurricane features familiar rock sounds, but Ramirez’ unique vocals makes the music stand out.

‘Lover Will You Lead Me’ begins with a blues rock drumbeat and piano progression. The song features some gentle falsetto vocal range which keeps the listeners intrigued. On ‘Hell’, Ramirez keeps the rock and roll attitude steady and vibrant with his sing-along melodies and rhythms. Next, Ramirez tones it down with the mysterious and haunting ‘I Wanna Live In Your Bedroom’. This song features a powerful chorus with dark, strong belting.

‘My Love Is A Hurricane’ keeps the mellow, haunting vibe continuing from the previous track, but the energy is lifted with a soulful rock and roll beat. The backing vocals on this track also contribute some powerful color to the tune. ‘Hallelujah, Love Is Real’ is the most produced and studio affected song on the album. For long time fans of the alternative indie singer/songwriters work, you may want to skip over this track.

‘Heaven’ is a big turnaround from the previous track and brings us back to the original David Ramirez vibe with a familiar sound to his hit single ‘That Ain’t Love’ from his 2015 release Fables. ‘Shine On Me’ is another mellow, yet fiery song that displays Ramirez’ genuine power to command structure of songwriting and storytelling.

‘Easy Does It’ might be another over produced, studio overdub excessive track that might not get as much play as the other songs on the album, whilst ‘Coast to Coast’ almost falls into this same category, but the song is saved and gets a lot of memorable power from the strong chorus.

The album ends with the gentle, heartfelt ‘Prevail!’ This song transcends the listener to a dark room that contains the ghost of previous relationships and bonds that you are crying out and hoping to spill out from your soul. David Ramirez’ new album is definitely a mixture of emotions and a roller coaster of moods. It will take a true fan, and a vulnerable, emotionally available soul to connect to this work.

Scott J. Herman


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