Album Review: Damien Rice – My Favourite Faded Fantasy



On the 3rd November, the music industry recovered from the eight year hiatus from the incredible, powerful artist Damien Rice with his new album My Favourite Faded Fantasy. This album is something fans of Damien Rice and fans in the folk and acoustic world have been waiting for since the release of his last album 9.

Damien Rice has a way to sing about love and relationships in the most haunting and passionate way, using a diverse style of musical genius to create such an emotional impact on himself and his audience. The theatrical elements and overly-affecting songs portray Rice as an angry man, especially with the single The Greatest Bastard, (Some make it, mistake it/ some force and some will fake it/ I never meant to let you down.) But maybe Rice has finally moved on and parted ways with the heartache we all know his hiatus was caused by.

Rice is always well known for writing some of the longest songs since the likes of Queen and Meatloaf and this album doesn’t disappoint with a 9 minute song It Takes A Lot To Know a Man. This song is beautiful, melancholic and you can’t turn it off or skip it due to the intensity of the instrumental that takes over your whole body and fills you with this emotional trauma that fits so perfectly between the balance of perfection and grief.

Throughout this album the feeling of angst and heartache fills your whole demeanor. Every song is lyrically perfect with Rice showing his incredible ability to write the most simple of lyrics in the most absorbing of ways. Obviously he’s going to be emotional throughout, with love being the object of most of his songs, however this album does show he is in the process of moving on which is reflected with a bit more happiness overall in his music. Fans have been waiting eight years for this album and Rice did not let us down.

Rachel Allman


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